Centre for Economic and Regional Studies (CERS)

Centre for Economic and Regional Studies (CERS)

Közgazdaság- és Regionális Tudományi Kutatóközpont (CERS)

Address: Tóth Kálmán u 4, Budapest, 1097, Hungary

Website: www.vki.hu/?setlang=english

Facebook page: here


Researchers involved in the project:

Andrea Szalavetz


Andrea Szalavetz is scientific advisor in the field of economics of innovation, science and technology policy, international business, and corporate competitiveness.


Andrea Éltető


Andrea Éltető is senior research fellow and head of research group on European Integration. Here fields of research include economic development of Spain and Portugal in the European Union, foreign direct investment (FDI), foreign trade, and global value chains (GVCs).


Gábor Túry


Gábor Túry is research fellow with focus on economic development of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, challenges and perspectives of Central Europe and global economy, and the global automotive and aerospace industries.