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University of Economics in Bratislava

Ekonomická univerzita v Bratislave (EUBA)

Address: Dolnozemská cesta 1, 852 35  Bratislava, Slovakia




Researchers involved in the project:

Stanislav Zábojník

Stanislav Zábojník is an associate professor and researcher at the University of Economics in Bratislava, Slovakia. Currently serving as the head of the department of international trade within the Faculty of Commerce, the University of Economics in Bratislava, he specializes in international business management and has focused mainly on GVCs in international trade, territorial studies (primarily China), and the global energy market (especially relation of EU decarbonization and export competitiveness). His research has been published in more scientific journals and presented at international conferences, and he is leading the projects in the field of Belt and Road Initiative impact and automotive industry-related topics.

Most recent publications:

ZÁBOJNÍK, Stanislav, Denisa ČIDEROVÁ a Daniel KRAJČÍK. Competitiveness in International
Business. Praha: Wolters Kluwer ČR, 2020, [298 p.] ISBN 978-80-7676-006-6.

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BALÁŽ, Peter - ZÁBOJNÍK, Stanislav. Contemporary development of the commodity markets-
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BALÁŽ, Peter - ZÁBOJNÍK, Stanislav. Natural gas and its status in energy security of the
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Marek Minárik

Marek Minárik started to work at the Department of International Trade of the Faculty of Commerce, University of Economics in Bratislava in 2018 as an assistant professor with the focus on the international business operations in transport, freight forwarding, logistics and SCM.

Most recent publications:

MINÁRIK, Marek. Sustainable Transport of Goods Using Combined Transport Solutions: The Case of EU. In Naše gospodarstvo. - Maribor : University of Maribor. ISSN 2385-8052, 2021, vol. 67, no. 2, pp. 29-39 online. VEGA 1/0420/19, VEGA 1/0039/20.

MINÁRIK, Marek - ČIDEROVÁ, Denisa. The New “Global”: The Role of Cargo Maritime Transport of Goods With Focus on The Transportation Corridor Between Southeast Asia and Northwestern Europe. In Globalization and its Socio-Economic Consequences 2020. International Scientific Conference. Globalization and Its Socio-Economic Consequences 2020 : The 20th International Scientific Conference. - Žilina : University of Žilina, 2021. ISSN 2261-2424, pp. 1-14 online.

MINÁRIK, Marek - PÁSZTOROVÁ, Janka. Transaction Costs Role in Export Price - Comparison of EU and the Western Balkan Countries. In ICEI 2020. International Conference. Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on European Integration 2020 : Collection. - Ostrava : VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava, 2020. ISBN 978-80-248-4455-8. ISSN 2571-029X, s. 626-638 online. VEGA 1/0420/19.

MINÁRIK, Marek - PÁSZTOROVÁ, Janka. Role of the Logistics in Determining the Size and the Structure of the Transaction Costs in Export Price. In Economic Science, Education and the Real Economy: Development and Interactions in the Digital Age : Proceedings of the Jubilee International Scientific Conference Dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the University of Economics – Varna. - University of Economics – Varna : University publishing house „Science and Economics", 2020. ISBN 978-954-21-1039-2, s. 475-486 online. VEGA 1/0420/19, VEGA 1/0039/20.

MINÁRIK, Marek. Air-Rail Combined Transport of Goods within European Countries. In Business Logistics in Modern Management : Proceedings of the 20th International Scientific Conference. - Osijek : Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, Faculty of Economics, 2020. ISSN 1849-5931, s. 3-20 online. VEGA 1/0420/19, VEGA 1/0039/20.

BALÁŽ, Peter et al. Medzinárodné podnikanie. 1. edition. Bratislava : Sprint 2, 2019. 304 p. Economics. VEGA 1/0897/20, VEGA 1/0777/20. ISBN 978-80-89710-51-5.