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Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze (VŠE)

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Researchers involved in the project:

Iveta Černá

Iveta Černá received her Ph.D. from Prague University of Economics and Business in 2008. Her fields of interest in terms of teaching, publications and research involve international trade, FDI, investment incentives, business promotion, export support, EU structural funds and international business operations. Over 2007-2013, she participated in the Research Plan “Governance in the Context of Globalized Economy and Society” awarded to the Faculty of International Relations.


Eva Křenková

Eva Křenková is Assistant Professor at the Department of International Business since 2017. She teaches International Business Operations and Doing Business in Globalized Environment. Her research focus is mainly on supply chain management. She has been a member of research teams solving national and international research projects, e.g., "Targeting investment aid in the Czech Republic with regard to the expected impacts of technological changes," and "The GVCs in Central Europe - A Perspective of Automotive Sector after COVID-19".

Most recent publications:

Olšanová, K., Křenková, E., Hnát, P., & Vilikius, O. (2021) State-Business Relations from the Perspective of the Companies' Preparedness for the Changes Related to the Implementation of the Industry 4.0 Elements: A Case of the Czech Republic. Central European Business Review.

Křenková, E. & Olšanová, K. (2021) Industry 4.0 and Preparedness of the Workforce: A Bibliometric analysis.

Křenková, E., Rieser, K., & Sato, A. (2021) How software robots can facilitate the procurement process? A case study of Siemens in the Czech Republic. Entrepreneurial Business and Economics Review, 9(3), 191-203.