Doctoral workshops

Doctoral workshops


Doctoral workshops enable to share the newest findings among researchers, create environment for discussion and opinion sharing. Created networks among colleagues from the Visegrad countries can positively and essentially impact the future carrier and research direction of Ph.D. candidates.

The aim of doctoral workshops is to achieve higher awareness concerning qualitative GVCs participation. Preliminary results of our in-depth research related to TiVA in automotive industry will be presented and discussed. Methodology based workshops will be focused on the available datasets and analytics.

  • With the support of the Visegrad Fund, the workshops are free of charge.
  • Registration is required to join the event






Workshop on Automotive GVCs in Poland and Central
and Eastern European

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the workshop on Automotive GVCs in Poland and Central and Eastern European region,
which will take place on November 17, 2021.

The workshops covers topic such as:

  1. Traditional trade networks, simple global value chains and complex global value chains,
  2. Origin of value-added in exports and imports and
  3. Value-added embodied in final demand.

The participants will be asked to read a tutorial before workshops as during the workshops they will be solving a number of problems.
The solutions of problems will be discussed during the workshops.

The project was supported by the International Visegrad Fund



The Global Value Chains and CEE Region
20th May 2021

Prof. Paweł Folfas​​
SGH Warsaw School of Economics
Prague/ online

  8.45 –   9.00 Registration of participants
  9.00 – 10.30 Part One - Introduction, traditional trade networks, simple global value chains, and complex global value chains
10.45 – 12.15 Part Two - Origin of value-added in exports
13.00 – 14.30 Part Three - Value-added embodied in final demand

Please download the detailed program here